About a Buckeye

There are many reasons why one would start a site. My reason was like many of you I guess. I needed a way to keep up with family, share experiences and what not. And though Facebook and the like are a good place to hang out and talk it really doesn’t have the special feeling of being your own corner of the web. It is sort of like going to a restaurant. You may like the food, the atmosphere, and what have you but it really isn’t the same as sharing a meal with your family at your table.

This site is more like that if you will. It gives you a chance to get the food for your soul, and that is what you really want. Restaurants, or Facebook just leave you empty once you’re home. That and I hate having my cousins go and poke me to like there latest selfie. Yeah, I’m talking to you Melanie. :b You do look great now though, the braces really did wonders.

When I first sat down to get a site off the ground I thought only those techy nerd boys could do it. But that isn’t the case. I got this site up over a long weekend and while it may not be perfect it is pretty decent if I say so myself.

The template that I picked out also goes great with the theme of the site which will be about the more rustic nature of my character. Though the Windy City might blow in from time to time. We’ll just have to wait and see.