Rainy Afternoon

So it was supposed to rain this afternoon. Supposed to rain =/= actually raining. That said I canceled my plans for the going out with friends and instead am stuck alone at home. Not the worst outcome one could have to be honest.

Still, I miss summer.

This Time It’s Different

Social media like smoking is bad for your health. It is also hard to give up. That being said the site was my attempt to go cold turkey, but just as with smoking it is harder than it looks.

You know it is funny because I actually gave up smoking two years ago during the pandemic. It was clear that it was bad for me, but I it wasn’t until the pandemic that it really hit home. Thankfully nobody in my immediate family got sick. It was close though for some of the people in my circle of friends. And an old acquaintance from my college years wasn’t so lucky. But that isn’t the point of today’s post. Today I wanted to jump back in and get things going again after my last hiatus.

The Buckeye is back.

What’s new? Lots. What’s old? The same. My mom is a total pain in the neck, but that really doesn’t matter anymore since I went NC. Going no contact was about the best thing that happened to my in the time since you last got an update. It is also one of the reasons I am done with social media since she and her people kept harassing me. Now if they come on here I am able to just block them, sure I could there too, but the circle was so big that they always just came from a different angle. Anyway, welcome back.

Look for some new updates to the site in the coming days. I just need to clean the cobwebs out first.