Rainy Afternoon

So it was supposed to rain this afternoon. Supposed to rain =/= actually raining. That said I canceled my plans for the going out with friends and instead am stuck alone at home. Not the worst outcome one could have to be honest.

Still, I miss summer.

Ice Cream Stories

I recently shared some good tips about where to pick up ice cream here in the city. And it got me thinking.

As you might know I really do love ice cream, probably more than I should. Well, anyway, that is another story which is best left for another entry. When I saw the tips it got me thinking. As you also might know we are in the process of planning a rustic wedding. Which is a feat in and of itself. The wedding part, not the rustic part. Anyway, the thought about the ice cream reminded me when I was younger. When I was growing up my uncle used to make my grandmother fresh made ice cream for her birthday party. It was great, he would work the ice cream for hours until it was just right. We all loved it and it is probably the reason why I love a bowl of ice cream now and then. But it would make a great addition to the wedding. Not that I have been to a wedding before that has had ice cream as a desert, but it would both be something from my childhood that I loved, my grams would surely love it and it would be a premier.

I will have to look into this more.