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So I was looking at the different things that need to go on a site like this and I was shocked to learn that most of them were free. I had planned on making a site and I wasn’t sure what it would cost, but when I talked to the techy guys at work they told me to expect about a thousand dollar investment at the least. Some offered to take care of it for me for a “couple hundred” but I turned them down on the offer. The thing that didn’t sit right with me was that I figured if I studied it a little I should be able to do it myself. And that turned out to be the case. After I registered the domain I went about looking for place to put it. That was so-so. I didn’t like any of the offers that I found on google. The ones that came up on the top seemed like they were cookie cutters of one another. But then they might have been, I am not sure. I got it up though and the site is now running for something like twenty minutes without a problem, let’s home that it stays that way. Also WordPress told me to update it which I thought was odd since I had just installed it but, oh well, it seems to be happy now. And so am I. A thousand dollars my foot. I am glad I passed!

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