Ice Cream Stories

I recently shared some good tips about where to pick up ice cream here in the city. And it got me thinking.

As you might know I really do love ice cream, probably more than I should. Well, anyway, that is another story which is best left for another entry. When I saw the tips it got me thinking. As you also might know we are in the process of planning a rustic wedding. Which is a feat in and of itself. The wedding part, not the rustic part. Anyway, the thought about the ice cream reminded me when I was younger. When I was growing up my uncle used to make my grandmother fresh made ice cream for her birthday party. It was great, he would work the ice cream for hours until it was just right. We all loved it and it is probably the reason why I love a bowl of ice cream now and then. But it would make a great addition to the wedding. Not that I have been to a wedding before that has had ice cream as a desert, but it would both be something from my childhood that I loved, my grams would surely love it and it would be a premier.

I will have to look into this more.

Beat the Heat Windy City Style

I found this list on the Chicago site titled “Chicago has cool cone offerings to help beat the heat”. And it really is a great list if you plan on being in the city over the Summer months.

It was particularly pleasing to see that they had included Jeni’s Ice Creams. Being a buckeye at heart I tend to visit Jeni’s more than any of the others. Though I had hit up pretty much everything on the list. I love ice cream, alright?

If you plan to make a stop there here is what you need to know:

Jeni’s Ice Creams 3404 N. Southport Ave. | 1505 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The Ohio-based ice cream chain came to the Windy City in recent years, and now has locations in Lakeview and Wicker Park. From sweet cream biscuits and peach jam to pink grapefruit buttermilk frozen yogurt, the chain boasts of using produce grown near its kitchens by long-time farm partners.

P.S. The tags were supposed to read: Yummy, Ice Cream, Hot spots. But it seems like it reorganizes them alphabetically. :/


So the narcs in the family are out and about patrolling the site. I misspelled, I’d call it a typo but whatever, one my premier category. Instead of “Buckeye” I spelled “Buckey” and while, as I said, “maybe that is what I wanted to spell” my mom wasn’t buying it. So it has been corrected. For those of you that it rubbed the wrong way.

P.S. I deleted your comment mom, it was sort of weird having it float around on here because I didn’t type an “e.” This is not Facebook. :p

Up to Date

So I was looking at the different things that need to go on a site like this and I was shocked to learn that most of them were free. I had planned on making a site and I wasn’t sure what it would cost, but when I talked to the techy guys at work they told me to expect about a thousand dollar investment at the least. Some offered to take care of it for me for a “couple hundred” but I turned them down on the offer. The thing that didn’t sit right with me was that I figured if I studied it a little I should be able to do it myself. And that turned out to be the case. After I registered the domain I went about looking for place to put it. That was so-so. I didn’t like any of the offers that I found on google. The ones that came up on the top seemed like they were cookie cutters of one another. But then they might have been, I am not sure. I got it up though and the site is now running for something like twenty minutes without a problem, let’s home that it stays that way. Also WordPress told me to update it which I thought was odd since I had just installed it but, oh well, it seems to be happy now. And so am I. A thousand dollars my foot. I am glad I passed!