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Now, I know what you might be thinking, “what is a buckeye doing in Illinois?” And the truth is while I was born a buckeye, my family was relatively transitory during my formative years and so it really wasn’t a surprise to me when I found myself in the greater Chicago area, though I don’t see myself as a buckeye in the big city, at least not per se.

And there is the fact that I haven’t really left the Midwest. So had I been writing this out of a small, or dare I say cramped, NYC loft then it might sound different.

As it is I have been able to do alright. And I have still kept the small town values that I was raised with. So that is what a buckeye is doing in Illinois. Congratulations, you’ve discovered Buckeye, Illinois!

In Recent News

When we last met our heroine she was in the process of finishing her Bachelor of Science in Health Science. But today you’ll find her in a completely different role all together!

Here Comes the Bride

And don’t you dare sing the the stupid adolescent version. As you all know, we will be tying the knot this September, and as you have heard through various channels we’ve decided to get married in true country fashion.

Coming from the rustic country nature of my upbringing I have really been looking at the different style of rustic wedding. I find the style offers the charm that we both like especially in the form of rustic lacy wedding invitation is one option that appeals to me. There are a couple of reasons why I think that they would fit with our likes where the other styles of wedding might fail. I put together a little list of pros, and well I haven’t found any cons yet which is another reason why we are tending to take the wedding into the ever popular rustic direction.

While the pros on some of the other styles we’ve contemplated might be a bit longer, they also have a couple of contra points that I feel might present a couple of hurdles here and there.

I’ve spoken with a couple of wedding planners here in the city and they are all pretty confident that we could get the rustic look I have in mind for the wedding done without any problem. They should know, they have more experience than either of us. For me this would be the first walk down the aisle. For my future Mr. Right it would be his second time, but the first marriage ended after two years. But anyway, there is still some room for adjustment in the final look of the wedding. But for now, here are the things that work for us from the rustic country aspect of things.

Rustic Wedding Pros

  • The rustic wedding seems more laid back than the other weddings we’ve been to here in Chicago
  • We both grew up in the country
  • I am having my grandmother’s wedding dress (real silk) fitted, yippee!
  • They are cheaper than other weddings we’ve priced
  • Rustic has a lot of different directions to go in
  • It works with the Fall season really well
  • Leaves instead of rice, better for the birds
  • Good food and good friends
  • Cool decorations with a great atmosphere

About the only con I can thing of is that they are so popular right now they might be over done, but I am confident that we can put our own personal touch on it to make it fit with our personalities.

The list is in no particular order by the way. I just typed it off from what we had scribbled down, though I guess I could have ordered it but it really doesn’t make that big of a difference. You get the general idea. I almost didn’t type it off, but some of you might get a kick out of it, and I know some of you will be getting hitched in the coming year so it might also be helpful. Who knows.

I know the list a little bit lame, but you missed out on the whole background conversation, and while I don’t have a great deal of patients to go and relay them to you here I should go into a couple of them that are a bit vague.

As you know we both grew up in the country. Well you would know that if you knew us. But that is besides the point. The only people that visit my site are people who know us.

We have been to a number of weddings here in Chicago, both as a couple and independently and the whole rustic thing just seems to breed the most enjoyable weddings. Maybe this is just personal preference, but when you’ve got the guys in tuxes and the girls are all dolled up like they are going to prom, you can’t help but create a little stuffier atmosphere. This isn’t the nature we’re going for, we want something that people can really get into. They can relax and really just start to have a good time. The whole “pick a seat, not a side” thing is what we’re going for. It just helps fuse the families together. When you have that rigged seating and other self imposed ordering of the wedding you can’t really relax. I will only be doing this once and I want it to be fun. And that means for me to have fun at my wedding the guest need to as well.

Rustic weddings have always been a lot of fun for us both so it seemed like the logical choice when we sat down. Though to be honest with you I really loved the idea of dolling up myself, but that is besides the point, because I will be wearing a very special gown.

When we first started talking about it, and we shared the news with family there was a lot of excitement from their side as well.

During the engagement party my grandmother took me to the side and offered her wedding dress, she has had it for about fifty years, and I immediately said yes. I can remember being a small girl at their home and she showed it to me. I always loved it and since we are about the same size it was almost a null topic if it would fit. The gown is so beautiful, I can only imagine what she looked like wearing it for her wedding ceremony. The thought of changing it would have never come to my mind but she was the one that insisted on having it properly fitted. The lace is so delicate and the entire style has that vintage rustic feel that I love so much. The wedding should also cost us about half as much this way so it really is a big pro when you think about it.

When I first started shopping for wedding gowns I was attracted to the idea of a vintage lace gown like the ones you’ll find on that page, but the thing was they were pretty pricey. By far not the most expensive ones that I found but the fitting will be about half as much as the cheapest dress, so you can do the math.

It also has the family aspect that none of them could possibly offer.

It was actually the reason we looked for rustic invitations with a vintage lace design on them. I plan on getting some lace paper doilies and folding them around the invitations before we slip them in the envelopes to finish off the look.

One of the point that you might be left scratching your head with is the leaves part. We’ll be getting married this Fall so the seasonal aspect should play a role in the planning as well. I read somewhere that the rice that was traditionally used as a send off for newly weds is actually bad for birds.

They will eat the rice and their little bellies will swell up, depending on how much they eat the may even die from it. So in the spirit of saving some little birdies from an early grave we’ve decided to use some dried leaves, you can of course buy them. I found some decorative ones, but they were too expensive for what we want to do and we would need a lot. You can collect them, which from the time of year would be practical, but I am a little turned off by the amount of dirt we might get showered in as well. Or we can make them our selves.

My idea is to go and collect some that have yet to fall and then finish drying them out. We can make the best of both this way and I am honestly pretty sure that is what they do when they sell them. We’ll use them as decorations for the reception as well. This will help provide more of that rustic atmosphere to the wedding that we’re after and yeah, the budget gods will be appeased. My cousins have agreed to collect the supplies and prepare them for us so that takes a little bit of the load off of our backs so that we can move forward with other aspects of the wedding that need our immediate attention. Because you can store dried leaves pretty easily, it just takes up some space that I don’t have at the moment.

In Process

Right now I am in the process of moving in with my boyfriend with the intent that we will save ourselves the trouble of dealing with it after we’re married, or heaven forbid during the final weeks before the wedding. It seems like the most logical step right now. But then it felt even more logical before I realized how much stuff I had crammed into my apartment. Lucky for me we have one of the oldest Goodwills in the world here in Chicago, established in 1919 they have built a large infrastructure up so I really didn’t have a problem finding a center to donate to.

Which, my soon to be hubby is a total neat freak when it comes to clutter and I think he was happier about my willingness to downsize than I was. But he has agreed to let me decorate the house, which is a good start to a blissful marriage.

Also we will probably be buying a new home in the next couple years in one of the more suburban areas of the city where we can start a family. At least that is the five year plan.

It is good to plan, the whole wedding thing would be a complete mess if we hadn’t sat down any made some real solid plans on what we want.

We had clear goals when we were looking at the different wedding styles before we settled on the rustic effect. That means we have less to plan on and more time to shape the stuff that we have already done to fit with the overall style that we’re going for.

As we move forward with the rest of the preparations I am sure that I will have new updates for you. I will either share them here, or you can keep up on my different social media accounts. But rest assured that I will keep you up to date on where things are going. Also the save the dates have been mailed at on Thursday so you should be getting them, or you might have already gotten them when you read this.

In either event they are out the door.

And once we make the final decisions on the venue we’ll go and order the wedding invitations. I thought about sharing the design that we picked out, but it is more of a surprise if you actually first see it when you open the envelope. As you might have guessed they will be rustic but I’m just not sharing which one you’ll be getting.